Ambulance Boundary Modification Letter to Residents



July 17, 2020

Dear Town of Excelsior Resident

Re:       Proposed Modification of Ambulance District Boundary


The Town of Excelsior Board of Supervisors is currently evaluating changing ambulance service for the southeastern corner of the township from Baraboo Ambulance Service to Reedsburg Ambulance Service. On August 12, 2020, the Town Board will take questions and comments from the township residents concerning the change.  Representatives from Reedsburg Ambulance and Baraboo Ambulance services will be on hand to take questions as well.  The Town Board meeting will start at 6:30 pm at the Excelsior Town Hall in Rock Springs.

The southeast quadrant of the Town is currently served by the North Freedom First Responders and the Baraboo Ambulance Service. If the change is made, the North Freedom First Responders will continue to serve the area with Reedsburg providing the ambulance service.

Following is a summary of information related to the ambulance service for this area.

  1. Population in service area: 396
  2. Cost of service:
  • Baraboo Ambulance Service = $30 per capita = $11,880
  • Reedsburg Ambulance Service = $11 per capita = $4,356

3. Level of Service: Both Baraboo and Reedsburg offer paramedic level of service

4. Travel time: The average travel time in the service area is roughly 5.5 minutes longer for Reedsburg vs. Baraboo.

5. First Responder response time: Will not change.


Both Baraboo and Reedsburg ambulance services provide a high level of service. The primary consideration for the change is cost. Baraboo is currently 2.7 times the cost, plus are proposing to increase even more. However, the Town Board wants to also ensure adequate emergency service is provided.

In recent years, the Village of North Freedom and portions of the Town of Freedom have changed from Baraboo to Reedsburg Ambulance Service. Their experience with the change has been positive.

Before the Town Board makes a final decision at the August 12, 2020 Board meeting, we wanted to inform residents of the proposed change and solicit input. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Karl Berna, Town Board Supervisor at 608/347-9926, or Ken Nolden, Town Board Chairman at 608/963-0571. You are also welcome to attend the August 12, 2020 Town Board meeting to ask questions and offer comments.





Sandy Swanson, Town Clerk